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Santiago and Cara Rothrock - 2003

Santiago and Ryan Prince - 1999 Santiago -2003
Santiago and Cara Rothrock - 2003 Santiago - 2003

Santiago - 1999 Santiago and Cara Rothrock - 2003
Santiago - 2006

"I have had the privilege to photograph Santiago since he was a 2 year old in 1997, again in 1999 and then again with his new owners in 2003 & 2006. Santiago was always a magnificent horse and continued to get even more magnificent as he matured into the stunning stallion that he is today."

"An absolute pleasure to photograph because he made my job easy. It was not hard to capture his grace, intelligence and kindness, his confident attitude, let alone his beauty, because he carries all that in every moment he breathes and every step he takes."

"My favorite photo session with Santiago was the 2003 shoot. He has grown into such a 'magical/mystical like' he walked out of a childhood fairy tale."

Rocky & Cara Rothrock ~ Streator, IL ~ 815.674.8885

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