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2013, 2015 USEF Andalusian Sire of the Year

Rothrock Andalusians
2013, 2015 USEF Andalusian Breeder of the Year

When looking for your next Andalusian, go with bloodlines and a breeder that produces consistent quality!


The Andalusian: Beautiful, Intelligent, Athletic
Rothrock Andalusians is demo account pocket option dedicated to breeding the finest  PRE Andalusians possible. We start with the best bloodlines from Spain (Yeguada Militar, Escalera, Cardenas, Terry) and the US (Garrison, Tina Cristiani Veder) to create horses that are destined to become true living legends and soul mates.
Herd Running
We are located on a lush 160 acre farm in central Illinois about 80 miles South-West of Chicago. We currently stand carefully selected stallions that are pure Spanish (Pura Raza Espanola). Santiago: 16.2hh, Grey, National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, RA Viento (Santiago X RA Lluvia), RA Samurai (Fandango del Sol X Saber), and RA Comanche (Comanche II X Amoria de la Corazon. Our band of broodmares include National Grand Champion Senior Mares Clavija III, Millenia TCV, and Cyrene and many other National and Regional Champions that produce foals with exceptional conformation, temperament, and movement.
52 Foot Air Ride, Air Condition & Heated, Stainless Steel
Trailer pulled by 525 horses out front, for the ultimate in
our horse's transportation Comfort

We started with Santiago in 2003, and truly, this horse did change our life. As our first PRE Andalusian, and our first stallion, we learned how incredible and unique this breed truly is. Centuries of breeding for intelligence, bravery, and beauty are obvious

RA Viento, RA Comanche, and RA Samurai, are proudly standing at stud to purebred PRE Andalusians as well as other breeds. We offer live cover or shipped semen for your convenience, as well as on-site mare care with turn out, an on call veterinarian, and a state of the art laboratory for stallion collection, artificial insemination, semen freezing, and embryo transfer.

We love our horses and take extreme pride in our breeding program. We also want to share our love of these beautiful PRE Andalusians through horse fairs, exhibitions, and parades. We welcome visitors and questions regarding our horses, breeding, or registration.
Own an Andalusian, and you will discover a companion that will get into your soul and change your life forever.
"This Horse Will Change Your Life"
When it comes time to find your next National Champion,
Remember to go with Champions,
That come from Champions,
That produce Champions!

Rocky & Cara Rothrock ~ Streator, IL ~ 815.674.8885

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